Bridal Bliss – Hoda and Tim’s Special Day

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We love to catch up with our favorite couples during the holidays. Tim and Hoda Deluvia recently welcomed a baby boy to their family. Here's a look back at their special day. Bride: Hoda Abdian Deluvia Groom: Tim [...]

Mai Lee

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The Mai Lee brand is known across St. Louis for great dining. That is if you are not in tune with the region’s music industry. In a different circle, Mai Lee is a stunning, versatile, seductive musician whose talent continues [...]

The Green Beauty Rules

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Green beauty products have come a long way in the last few years. Now products are vibrant, smell great, and are as effective as other popular brands. Celebrity makeup artist Paige Padgett’s  missio n  is to inspire  wo men to [...]

Eyewear Haus

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Make a statement this season with stylish eyewear. Here are our picks of the top trends from Eyewear Haus.


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The summer months fill our souls with a sense of adventure. Our wardrobes become packed with items inspired by foreign lands. These looks emphasize bold prints, textures and vibrant colors influenced by the elements.

Rita McGhee

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Our favorite movies and television shows all begin with words on paper that breathe the first spark of life into the cast of characters we come to love, hate, or love to hate. But before they become living, breathing, three-dimensional [...]

Edens Style Picks

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It doesn’t get any more basic than primary colors. Whether you embrace them collectively or separately, it’s sure to make a statement. Go all in with head-to-toe monochromatic, or color block by mixing and matching two or more colors. If [...]

The Cool Kids

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Back to school usually means new clothes for our rapidly growing young scholars. Make their wardrobe modern and stylish with bold prints and sophisticated silhouettes. These looks from Mini Rodini are practical, playful and a little sassy.

Hot looks for the curvy girl

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Fall is here, the children are back in school, and now that you have taken care of everyone else, it is time to make sure you are looking your very best. Mix and match is perfect for versatility. A few key [...]

Fall Style

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Fall may not be the most exciting time of our lives - in many aspects. A nip in the air reminds us that a brutal winter could be around the corner, crunchy leaves cover formerly lush lawns, and the stress [...]

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