Optimal Entertainment is developing an entertainment property based on St. Louis magazine publisher Cillah Hall and her women’s fashion and lifestyle brand, Gazelle Media, the parent company of Gazelle STL magazine. It will follow Hall’s personal and professional journey as a magazine publisher and editor, entrepreneur, mother of two, and first-generation Zambian immigrant. Optimal’s goal is to show Hall’s world in all its raw authenticity.


Cillah Hall, Photo by Charles Barnes 

Optimal is a production company and is the latest entertainment venture in St. Louis. Founder Tim Breitbach, former vice-president of story development at Coolfire Studios, has helped develop and has served as executive producer on more than 20 projects in the last seven years, including: Fast N’ Loud, currently on its 12th season on Discovery Channel; Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s, now on its 10th season on Oprah Winfrey’s Own Network; and HGTV’s Listed Sister, which is gearing up for Season 2. Breitbach also served as executive producer of St. Louis-based Resale Royalty, which aired on Style Network.

“I first met Cillah Hall when we served on an advisory board together,” said Tim Breitbach. “I followed her shift from public relations maven to magazine founder, editor and publisher, and I noticed a powerful, relatable voice.”

   Tim Breitbach

Hall is excited about the project. “I feel humbled that my authenticity and straightforwardness, which sometimes drives people crazy, is inspiring,” she said. “I have been told to be so many things over the years. I have been told to tone myself down, and play along as I grow in business. But you know what? I love being me, with all my uniqueness and flaws. And because of that, I am lucky and grateful to be presented with this opportunity, which I plan to use wisely…and authentically.”

Hall said she is ready for the project, which gets underway next week.