Gazelle STL’s Fashion Coordinator and Writer Vikki Welch

Checks Out Emerging Designers at New York and Style Fashion Weeks

In addition to major fashion designers we love, I was delighted to check out designers who are on their way to the top. The creative energy of emerging designers added to the fashion atmosphere in New York. Designers Kelly Dempsey and Rinat Brodach at New York Fashion Week and Rich by Richie Rich at Style Fashion Week, held at Madison Square Garden, certainly stood out. We can’t wait to see who the next big name is!

Rinat Brodach

The Rinat Brodach Fall/Winter 2017 Collection is a reflection of the delicacy of human existence. Exposing the laws of fate, and the decision to challenge its inescapable reality, this collection celebrates the glory of love, and its triumph over fear.

Richie Rich

Rich by Richie Rich brought excitement and energy to the audience at Style Fashion Week. His Rtw Fall 2017 Collection featured bright patterns, metallic fabrics, and lots of sequin.












Rack Addik

AMCONYC, a premiere fashion production house ran a number of shows, one of them being Rack Addik. Kelly Dempsey is a self-taught fashion designer and former contestant on Season 14 of “Project Runway” where she landed runner-up. She is the founder and creative force behind Rack Addik, a newly launched clothing line focusing on fashion forward streetwear.