By Samantha Gaddis

Foundation is the most important component in makeup. Without it, no look would ever be complete. On the same token, it can also be one of the hardest things to buy; many factors go into whether or not it is the right foundation for you: your skin type, acne level, sensitivity, skin color–the list goes on. Lucky for you, I’m here to write about the best of the best to help you make the ideal selection.

The Kat Von D Lock-It foundation is my new favorite. I have been using it for a few weeks now, and I am loving it. You get a very large amount of product for the $35 dollars paid, which is a great deal considering you only have to use a tiny bit of the product each time. It has such amazing coverage, I usually never even use one full pump.


I like to pump the foundation onto my beauty blender, then dab it all around my face. I always wet my beauty blender first, because this foundation is a little bit thick/dry and can be harder to blend. After the beauty blender is wet, blending is an easy task.


Although I have fairly good skin and do not need a full coverage foundation, I feel that my look is not complete until I look like a full coverage queen. So, of course, I purchased this foundation that gives full coverage, and covers up redness extremely well. For people who have a lot of acne, I would say adding a bit more product would do the job, but always get a skin match first. Recently, I have had a few more blemishes than usual, and this foundation did a fantastic job of covering them up instead of drawing more attention to them.

Long Wear

My biggest frustration with foundation is that it looks great when you apply it, but not two hours later, the coverage is worn. When it comes to time, this foundation takes the cake. I have never had a foundation stay on as long and as perfect as this one. I can go somewhere for more than eight hours, and still look absolutely flawless by the time I leave.


This foundation comes in a wide variety of colors, which is very nice considering it can be difficult to find the right shade for your skin tone. After a color match, I found the absolute perfect shade for my skin, and it still looks great as we are transitioning into fall.

Gazelle rates this product: 9/10.