Matte liquid lipsticks are great, but scouring the internet to find one that doesn’t harden on your lips is too time consuming for the modern woman who is always on the go. For this, NYX provides a stunning alternative, bringing us the collection of Matte Lip Creams that forever changed my drugstore shopping trips.

For all of the people who love nude lipsticks, these are perfect. There are so many nude shades, it is spectacular! When picking a color, many of the shade portrayals are correct, but some of them can be off sometimes, which can be a bit frustrating. When applying, the cream goes on very smooth and smells like vanilla, which is a very nice quality that is sometimes overlooked. Nobody wants to lick their lips and taste something that seems like chemicals. Although eventually the lipstick will wear off, the color stays on for a surprisingly long time.

I enjoy the size of the lip creams as they are small and can fit in your pocket on the go, but it seems like NYX failed to ensure that an adequate amount of product was put into the tubes. After less than a dozen uses, you can pull out the applicator and notice that there is not much product, and you may have to swivel it against the inner walls of the tube in order to succeed.

Despite these downfalls, I still love these lip creams, and feel that the pros outweigh the cons in this case. The product does not harden on your lips, and it is not temperature sensitive, so you can leave it in your car and it will work just the same the next time you apply. With a price of around six dollars per tube, you simply cannot go wrong with this lip cream!

Gazelle gives NYX Matte Lip Cream a 9/10.

featured photo courtesy of @makeupbyhelend on Instagram.