Credits for Featured Image

Photographer: David Kilper

Female Model: Sierra Williams of West Model & Talent Management

Stylist: Kristy Lee

Wardrobe Assistants: Eden Whitson and James Harrison

Hair and Makeup: Karimu Overton-Lindsey

Gazelle STL is in the process of transitioning from a bi-monthly to a monthly publication! Our first monthly Issue launches in February 2017. That means we have more pages to fill on a regular basis and we want to continue to inspire and excite with different points of view. We are giving you the opportunity to have your work featured in a rapidly growing high-end magazine. We accept fashion and beauty submissions that inspire and engage the reader, including images which feature this season’s fashions, designers work or a test shoot with an upcoming fashion model. In addition to the editorial spreads, there is an occasional opportunity for your work to be featured on the cover of Gazelle STL’s print and digital Issues. Models must be agency standard.

We ask that you limit an individual submission to 10 photographs, with a total of not more than 10MB for ease of review, but you are welcome to submit as often as you like. Photos must feature various looks. The photos must be at least 72 DPI and must not be watermarked. We will contact you for a higher resolution if we accept your submission for publication in print or online. Files must be JPG or PNG.
When we accept a photograph, we keep the image on file until we find a place for it in the magazine. If we do not plan to use your photos, you will be notified. We will normally respond to your submission within a month, but it may take up to two months. We will not accept images that have been featured in print or online by other publications. We will consider work that has only been featured for your own promotional purposes on your website or your social media pages. Once your submissions are accepted, they must not be posted online or any social media until the magazine is released.

If you do not own the rights to the images you are submitting, your submission must include a signed release from the copyright owner and credits. The person who is submitting will be held fully responsible for missing credits. Your photos will be placed in any Issue that we see fit. Not necessarily the one you submit for.
By submitting to us, you grant us the right to publish your material in the way that we see fit, whether in print or on our website and social media pages. Images will only be shared by us on social media after they have been accepted for print/ and or digital magazines and on Websites and promotional sheets with multiple photos per page will not be considered formal submissions.
By submitting your work to Gazelle STL, you retain full copyrights of the submitted images, but grant us exclusive publishing rights for a minimum of 12 consecutive months, following the exchange of high resolution images.
In order to achieve a better page layout design, Gazelle STL has the right to use, enlarge, reduce and/or crop the original photograph.

GAZELLE STL does not pay for submitted content. Any expenses incurred in the production of your images are your responsibility. We cover the costs of printing and featuring your work. For print, we will provide you with four copies of the publication your work is featured in.

Thank you for your interest in GAZELLE STL. Please submit only if you accept all the terms and conditions.