Cillah Hall, Founder and Publisher

(prices may vary due to holiday sales)

When it comes to my style, I am all about mixing and matching looks and price points. Everything new in my closet must be an addition, whether it’s a $15 pair of leggings, or a sexy Valentino pump. I no longer shop for 10 items that I don’t really need. My shopping habits have transitioned as I realize the value of quality over quantity. For this edition of Gazelle, I found five items that I absolutely love.

Velvet Small Bag, Mango – $29.99.

You can’t go wrong with a small black bag. This little piece is perfect for a cocktail reception or a casual date, along with basic leggings and a sweater.


Emerald Cara Body Suit, Naked Princess – $106.

I don’t know about you, but I still want to feel sexy under my heavy winter clothes. I call it “channeling my inner sass.” It just adds a little pep in my step knowing that I am wearing a sexy little number underneath.

Vance Bow Blouse, Tory Burch -$279. Tory Burch.

I am absolutely in love with this romantic bow blouse. It is perfect for all seasons, depending on what you pair it with, from jeans to leggings, or even a red pencil skirt.

Desigual Jeans – $145 and below.

I absolutely Desigual jeans! The colorful, vibrant embroidered details in nearly all Desigual looks remind me of Zambia, my country of origin.

Angelina Jolie in Dior Studs Sunglasses














Studs Sunglasses, Lady Dior – $475. Neiman Marcus

A little mystery is good for the girl, and what better way to create that mystique than with a pair of hot sunglasses in the winter? For fun, I just rock them while running through the airport, and let people wonder, “Who is that girl?”

Lilly Metallic Tall Boots, Guess – $169.

As I prepare to go to New York Fashion Week, I am looking for pieces with a wow factor that can stand a whole day of beating the pavement. These hot boots are perfect for a dramatic look, with a price point that doesn’t make me feel too bad about messing up the heel.