Prominent St. Louisans Named Among America’s Top 100 Party Hosts 

cropped-new-size-logoThe Salonniere, the premier and award-winning site dedicated exclusively to the art of entertaining, announced today 2017’s The Salonniere 100, an annual list of America’s 100 best party hosts. The list includes Roy Pfautch, a prominent St. Louisan and lobbyist. Pfautch is founder and president of Clayton-based consulting firm Civic Services Inc. The company provides publicity, public relations, and lobbying services.

St. Louis power couple Robert Hermann Jr. and his wife, Signa, also made the list. Hermann is chairman and chief executive officer of Hermann Companies Inc., a diversified company based in Clayton and one of St. Louis’ largest private sector employers.  Anyone lucky enough to have received a holiday party invitation from one of these party hosts should raise a toast to the party gods. They have all raised millions of dollars for major St. Louis institutions, and hosted some of the city’s most fabulous parties.

From LA’s Jeremiah Brent and Nate Berkus to New York’s Darcy Miller and the duo who brought Diner ên Blanc to Philadelphia, this year’s TS100 honorees represent the nation’s most gracious, creative, and inspiring party hosts and hostesses.

Proving that great party hosts come from all walks of life, the TS100 honorees run the gamut from writers, educators, photographers, and business leaders to designers, philanthropists, retailers, and community leaders. This year’s list includes an Aspen gallery owner who hosts salons designed to start conversations about politics, power, and activism; a Chicagoan who threw a weekend-long party in June that attracted A-listers from around the globe; numerous philanthropists who have raised millions of dollars for local charities; and a woman in Orlando who ignites friendships by hosting dinner parties with random strangers. Thirty-four of this year’s TS100 members also appeared on last year’s list.

“Whether known for hosting casual dinner parties or black-tie fundraisers, the men and women on The Salonniere 100 deserve to be recognized,” says Carla McDonald, The Salonniere’s founder and editor in chief. “They invest tremendous time, thought, energy, and money to bring joy and opportunities to others. One can’t overestimate the value of their efforts to our communities.”

To compile the TS100, the editors at The Salonniere spent six months asking those “in the know”, including national and local society reporters, cultural figures, and leaders in the arts, business, and non-profit worlds, for their confidential input about the people nationwide who host the best parties. Those mentioned most often were then reviewed by a group of national and local social experts and members of The Salonniere’s editorial team to determine the final list of honorees. Professional event planners and experts were considered only in their capacity as hosts in their personal lives.

“From the dawn of humankind to the salons of 17th century Paris to the gatherings of today, socializing has always played a vital role in the quality and advancement of human life,” says McDonald. “The Salonniere 100 is our way of honoring those who are dedicated to advancing the tradition of using parties to connect people, foster ideas, and promote joy.”

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