After writing a story on cruelty free makeup brands a while back, I came across Hikari Cosmetics and could not contain my excitement to try its products. I have now tried and tested many of the products from the brand, and I am pleasantly surprised.

Before I applied the eyeliner to my face, I made a swatch on my hand and waited a few seconds, then vigorously wiped my finger over it. Where other eyeliners fail, this one prevails. Much to my surprise, this eyeliner did not budge a single bit. I was absolutely shocked, as I have never come across an eyeliner with such a strong hold to the skin. There is nothing worse than an eyeliner that doubles onto your brow bone, and with this liner, I know that I can put it on without fear of being horrified the next time I glance in a mirror.


The felt tip makes application much easier, which is beneficial for beginners and pros alike, allowing the consumer to decide the level of thickness they would like to create. Being light and thin, it is the perfect size for convenience, having no bulky pieces or odd shapes. The cap also sits secure on the liner’s body, ensuring that no inky accidents will occur in your makeup bag or pocket.

Hikari also managed to maintain bold color, which can sometimes be lost in the process of trying to protect other attributes.

After the mark on my hand stayed around for more than a week, I decided it was safe to say that this is an exceptional product.

Gazelle STL gives this product: 9/10.