Sorry summer lovers, but fall is officially here. This means that it is time to switch up your look entirely. Here are some guidelines for you to follow as we make our way into the season.

Dark Lip

With eye shadow or without, a dark lip can transform your look. Go for a magenta, and if you are bold like me, take the color even darker and go for a dark berry shade.



Dark Blush

This is something that I wear year round. That’s right, ladies. I hate the ultra-pink cheeks. Instead, I use a darker rosy blush and apply it right under the curve of my cheekbones. This not only gives your face a glow, but it also creates a fabulous, sexy contour.

A Lighter Shade of Foundation

There is nothing worse than seeing a girl with an orange face and a line under her chin where the color changes. Everyone gets pale during the winter. It is normal. Do not let this be you this season! Go to Sephora and get a color match. The world will thank you for it.

Berry Eye Shadow

I have been waiting for this all year. There are so many beautiful colors that inspire us in autumn-orange, yellow, red, purple, brown-the list goes on. Use these colors in your makeup to draw attention to your face and accent your eyes.













Try Something New

If you gravitate more towards the natural side of the beauty spectrum, that is always okay. But, everyone needs to switch things up every once and a while! No matter what you do, you will always look beautiful, so be bold and step out of your comfort zone. Here are some photos from Instagram to give you some inspiration: