By Diamonds Direct

Summer time can be brutal on your most cherished accessories. From keeping fit for your poolside look, to lathering up on the sunscreen, these daily activities can put your ring at risk. Here are our top three tips on keeping those beauties looking just as good as the day you said yes!

Keep those beauties out of the sand: The tiny particles can cause scratches on your metal, and even get stuck under your center stone or side diamonds. This could cause them to become loose or even fall out eventually!

Dumbbells and diamonds aren’t meant to be: We know you want to show off your ring whereever you go, but your hands can really take a beating at the gym. Those rough workouts, especially if you’re using weights, can be just as strenuous on your diamond as you.

Diamonds don’t need SPF: We are all about some skin care and suggest having SPF at all times, but your diamond won’t get burnt, we promise! If anything, sunscreen can make your stone look cloudy and loose its sparkle. Take your ring off before applying sunscreen and make sure to clean it after.

We know accidents happen and you can’t remember these rules all the time, that’s why Diamonds Direct offers some fantastic maintenance on your rings! Check out all of our offerings at