As a beauty enthusiast, I have been through my fair share of mascaras. I have been shocked, pleasantly surprised and appalled—I have even had an allergic reaction.

Although other beauty products are necessary to complete a look, I believe mascara is single-handedly the most important product in beauty. Why? You can have a bare face, but put mascara on and your beauty is drastically enhanced. Yet, mascara is also one of the most difficult things to shop for. You might think you’ve finally hit the mascara jackpot, until it dries out a week later and you’re left with crusty debris.

I have tried a few mascaras from e.l.f.; and as much as I love the brand, I was let down time after time with its mascara selection. First, I tried the waterproof mascara, which has seemingly positive reviews online but they are ones that I disagree with, as it seems some of the reviewers didn’t try it long enough. What I’ve found with this mascara is one accidental brush of the face with a hand or a sleeve, and all of your top and bottom eyelashes would be stuck together, which is literally impossible to separate. Even

further, after getting the mascara wet, it seems like all of the moisture is stripped from the mascara, and all that is left is black crust that flaked off all over my face.

Next, I tried e.l.f.’s lengthening mascara, also a failure.

Needless to say, I was not happy with the outcome of these products.

Then, I tried e.l.f.’s mineral infused mascara, and my experience was significantly different than with the others. Not to mention, it was the only mascara I’ve been able to keep for more than a week, since it didn’t get all messed up when I left it in the car in the cold January St. Louis weather.

After applying the mascara, I asked my friends for their opinion on my eyelashes, and found that they were conclusively much longer than usual, placing this product above others. The sticky formula allowed my lashes to flexibly bend upwards for maximum length, and the formula was not lacking in moisture the way the waterproof one was. However, in the late afternoon, my eyes seemed to get increasingly irritated, as if there was something in them, but this may have nothing to do with the mascara itself.

Additionally, although there were no clumps, I found that the formula was a little bit too sticky, and when I would open my eyes, my lashes would pull apart, as if they got stuck to each other. Fortunately, this got better after the mascara had some time to dry. The formula itself seems to be a little too wet, which causes some problems when applying, as it can get onto your eyelids quite easily.

With all of the pros and cons, this mascara is still many levels above the others that e.l.f. has released, making it my No. 1 recommendation to those shopping strictly for e.l.f. products, a top choice for many for the brand’s affordability.

Gazelle STL gives e.l.f. Mineral Infused Mascara: 6.5/10