Five Gifts that Keep on Giving

During the holidays, we often wonder how to choose the “perfect” gift for the ones we love.

We pick from a list based on our budgets, or what we know our family or friends need or want. It’s easy to assign a dollar value to the things we are able to purchase and give, but what about the priceless things – a warm smile, big hug or sweet compliment? These are the gestures we often take for granted in life, not realizing that they are the most precious gifts we as humans could ask for.

During this gift-giving season, think of ways to give and love in meaningful, heartfelt, maybe even life-changing ways. Here are a few gifts you can give that will offer so much more than you imagined.

A Letter. Buy, or make notecards by hand, and use them to tell the person you love how much they mean to you. If you can’t come up with the words, paint or draw them. This is a nice way to bring light to their cloudy days.

Conversation. Set aside time to talk to your mom, sister, brother or best friend about their hopes, dreams, life’s challenges and triumphs. These moments allow us to get to know the people in our lives, while connecting with them on a deeper level. True intimacy is something that can never be bought, but it’s what we all need and desire.

Affirmation. If you can paint, draw, or have nice handwriting, choose a positive statement, motivational quote or scripture to place on a poster board or canvas, and frame it. This will remind your loved one of who they are and can be, especially when they need it most.

Support. Schedule a day to help with chores, errands or tasks that your friend, family member, mentor or neighbor find difficult. These can include meal planning or prep, organizing closets, or grocery shopping.

Memories. Print your best photos and moments together, put them on a poster board or canvas, and frame them. Write or paint the date that each photo was taken to add a special touch.

The next time you want to give someone a unique gift that will make an impact on their lives, try a few of these ideas, or use them to inspire some of your own. All it takes is a little bit of imagination, love and time to give a gift that only you can give.

Silerio is a St. Louis-based freelance writer, a blogger, and a film and TV writer and producer. Her work has appeared in The Root, Curly Nikki and The St. Louis American. For more information, visit or

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