From internet stars to average beauty lovers, people all over the spectrum have been using this palette. Of course, like any other product, it has mixed reviews, making it difficult to decide who to listen to. So, I wanted to try it out for myself, knowing I would never be sure until I used it. Striving to leave nothing out, I brought into consideration a variety of factors to acknowledge in this review. Let’s get started!

Color Variety

This can be determined before even receiving the product. After seeing a multitude of pictures on Instagram, I knew that with this palette, the possibilities would be endless. I have never seen a more perfectly diverse palette on the market! It includes everything. And by everything, I mean everything: Neutrals, pinks, copper and berry tones, shades of bronze, earthy greens, mermaid colors and highlight shades. In conclusion, color variety hits at 9/10.


One can always tell the difference between a low quality palette and a high quality palette. How? If you swatch one shade from both palettes, you’ll notice that the cheap one will have little to no color, and you will have to add multiple layers to get to the shade you’re looking for. The high quality shadow will fully cover the skin and feature bold color that pops. This palette contains very high quality shadows. When trying to obtain the color of the shadow, you will only have to dip your brush one time.

The only color that frustrated me was the shade ‘Twerk’. This shade is supposed to be a dark blue with purple undertones, but ends up going on as the color beside it, ‘Royalty’. This is the only color that required me to add a lot of product.

The colors are very pigmented, and there are so many beautiful shades you can mix and play around with. I often use the shade ‘beam’ not only for eye shadow but as a highlighter on my face.

My favorite shade in the entire palette would have to be ‘hunts’ because the color is so bold and beautiful. However, I do love all of the other colors in the palette as well. There are no colors that are not likable, and almost all of them have an unexpectedly beautiful combination with each other.

This is the first two rows swatched.

I found the second swatch to be much more difficult, because the colors were so much bolder, resulting in a lot of smearing of the colors. However, this is not a bad thing, as the colors were created with the intention of being blended. On this swatch, you can see the beautiful rosy shades, and how well they pair with the dark neutral colors.


Despite all of the amazing things in this palette, there is still one big downfall: the shade names are not included on the actual palette. When I got mine in the mail, they included a card that gave all of the names, which can be easily lost among a beauty lover’s makeup bag. This caused consumers to get confused as to what colors they are using.

After this problem became apparent, Morphe added the card with the shade names to the website, but it is unreadable. It is unclear whether or not the brand started adding the names to the palettes, but that would be extremely helpful for those of us out there having to research the shade names.

There are so many possibilities with this palette, and I can say now that I use it every day. If you’re looking for something versatile that can satisfy your need for diversity, this is the palette for you.

Gazelle gives the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette: 9/10.