Piano School director Kayla Smith with Bethany Riley-Cable

St. Louis-based Pianos for People has a reason to celebrate: The nonprofit that connects “people who need pianos with pianos that need people” has donated its 200th piano since its founding in 2012.

The refurbished piano was presented on Aug. 15 to Marquette High School sophomore Bethany Riley-Cable, who selected her new instrument from a number of donated pianos at the organization’s studio on Cherokee Street. Since she was little, Bethany has been practicing on a small, wobbly keyboard, without the preferred standard 88 keys. A delivery crew was on standby to immediately transport the piano the 15-year-old selected with the help of Piano School director Kayla Smith.

Pianos for People was founded by Tom and Jeanne Townsend in honor of their late son, Alex, who was an avid musician. In addition to providing free, quality pianos to those who can’t afford it, the nonprofit offers free music lessons and summer camp programs for children and adults. Thanks to a recent grant, the organization was also able to provide students with a new musical production program in its computer lab.

For more information, visit pianosforpeople.org.