photo courtesy of Raven Pulliam

By Kayla Pruitt

Lindenwood University’s curriculum sculpts and molds talented students every year. Not only does the university excel at the traditional disciplines, but also in visual and performing arts. The Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A) Fashion Design program allowed students to study the fashion industry, its history, and the process of creating their own garments. Producing fashion shows were a regular course objective of the students’ experience in the program, something the entire campus and community looked forward to. At the end of every school year, seniors at Lindenwood would display their work at the B.F.A Fashion Design Exhibition in the Boyle Family Gallery inside the famous J. Scheidegger Center for the Arts. Following the exhibition, students would showcase garments at Mercedes Benz of St. Louis.

We’re told by frustrated students and faculty members the suspension of the program, which apparently happened last year, was announced without prior notice. It is unclear as to why the program was suspended. Lindenwood has yet to publicly announce the suspension, but the description of a new program has been posted to the university’s website and course catalog. There are hopes that the B.F.A  program will return in the near future.

Lindenwood University’s new program includes Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees for Fashion Business and Entrepreneurship. The university still offers Fashion Design as a minor.

Here is a look at some memorable designs from students of Lindenwood University’s former B.F.A Fashion Design program.

             photos by Alan Wang

The above images show three garments designed by Lindenwood University graduate, Raven Pulliam, a hand-sewn collection she calls “Agate.” The collection was presented at Pulliam’s senior exhibiton in May 2017, and the Pins and Needles competition in 2017.

photos by Alan Wang and Justin Barr

Richard Cotto was a participant of Missouri Fashion Week (now on hiatus) and winner of the event’s Architectural Design Challenge in 2015 . His winning design was influenced by the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

photos by Charles R Turnell

Another Lindenwood graduate, Abaya Dake, was selected to partake in the excitement of Missouri Fashion Week 2015. He presented a colorful collection of prints and patterns – a refreshing treat for the eyes of the audience.

Even faculty members made their mark, with designs that have been seen globally.

Fashion design professor, Nasheli Juliana Ortiz, stunned the audience with an iridescent collection that left the runway illuminated – literally! One of her luminous designs was featured on the cover of Gazelle magazine.