Makeup Must-Haves for 2019

“Makeup is not a mask that covers up your beauty. It’s a weapon that helps you express who you are from the inside.”

– Makeup Artist Michelle Phan

The Must-Haves Are Here

It’s a new year, so here is a  little inspiration on what to buy in 2019 to feed your beauty needs.  To me, playing with makeup is like creating a work of art – just on a different type of canvas. It can give us courage on the days we may not feel as confident, and it can make us feel strong when we feel weak. But makeup is just makeup. It comes off, and the true beauty is what is underneath it all.

The makeup look I have created using these must-have products

All About Eyeshadow

The Dream Street shadow palette by Kathleen Lights X Colourpop is exactly what the name states: It’s a dream. When a palette is created, color selection and placement of the eyeshadow is key. It is what grabs the consumer’s eye first, and tells a story of what looks can be achieved. These colors have the blendability of a luxury shadow, with a drugstore price. Dream Street is  only $16 for 12 shades. It’s a great deal, with even better quality. If you have not decided to snag this palette yet, here is a list of attributes that may help make your decision easier.

  • Price: $16 for 12 shades
  • Blendability is strong; the shades blend effortlessly together
  • Quality: each shimmer/metallic shade is creamy and highly opaque 
  • Pigmentation: matte shades are rich and vibrant 
  • Packaging: compact and travel-friendly, elegant and shadow names are labeled 
Photo by Instagram makeup artist Swayzemorgan

Blush Must-Haves

Having a good blush is key in my makeup routine, and should be in everybody’s makeup collection. My favorite is Essence Cosmetics Satin Touch Blushes, my favorites shades being Satin Love and Satin Coral. This particular color is a rosy-nude satin, matte-finish blush. The lasting power can go on for over 10 hours without breaking up or wearing off. Essence blushes also do not break the bank, with only a $2.99 price tag at Ulta.

Photo by Girl Behind The Glasses
Photo by Girl Behind The Glasses

Highlighter Is A Must

In recent years, a good highlighter has been one of the most sought-after items in the beauty market. My favorite highlighter is from Stila Cosmetics in the shade called “Kitten.” A special feature that this highlighter has is its consistency. It is a putty highlighter, which is something that is not like any other. When you dip into this highlighter, it molds to your finger. This unique feature makes the application of the highlighter so easy and smooth. Upon application, it does not emphasize skin texture, which some highlighters can do. This makes for a highlighter suitable for all skin types, and great for beginners who are just starting out in the highlighter game. 

Photo courtesy of Stila Cosmetics

Liquid Lipstick

If you are afraid of your lipstick smearing or coming off throughout the day, you don’t have to worry any longer. Liquid lipstick will keep those fears at bay. Dose of Colors cosmetics has one of the most comfortable and long-wearing formulas on the market. The company has a great shade selection for any mood. The color I have been reaching for most is  Brick, a deep brick-red color that is stunning on all skin tones. The liquid lipsticks are an opaque full-matte liquid lip formula, with a mousse-like consistency that does not feel drying on the lips. Dose of Colors liquid lipstick wears so well, it lasts even through eating and drinking, and does not crumble off the lips the longer you wear it. The liquid lipsticks retail for $18 at Ulta and are worth every penny.

Photo courtesy of Dose of Colors
Photo courtesy of Dose of Colors

Tricia Stoecklin

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