Small plates are the culinarry stars of OTSL’s Opera Tastings. photo courtesy of Opera Theater St. Louis

Eat, drink, listen and enjoy. That’s the invitation extended by Opera Theatre of Saint Louis to come and indulge your senses during its annual fundraiser, Opera Tastings, an unforgettable culinary concert series that pairs food, drink and opera.

“Opera Tastings a is series of culinary concerts that pairs the talents of local chefs and sommeliers to create tastings that are matched with opera selections,” explained OTSL manager of events and community engagement Robert McNichols Jr. “ It’s a way to introduce people to opera. Just as one would develop one’s palate for wine and food, you one can develop one’s palate for opera.”

If you have friends, especially foodie friends who you have always wanted to introduce to opera, this is the perfect opportunity.

Opera Tastings run through March 20 and are staged throughout the city, which includes Moulin (March 14 &15); 23 City Blocks (March 17); J’s Catering with a Taste of Elegance (March 18): Turn (March 18); Catrina’s (March 19); with the final performance and feast scheduled at Sqwires (March 20).

Designed to be a fun and staged in a comfortable setting, each culinary concert features four exceptional artists singing selections from across the history of opera. Each aria, duet, or trio is creatively paired with food and drink crafted specifically to complement the music. With ticket prices ranging from $20-$25, OTSL and Opera Tasting’s host venues have made the opportunity to expand your culinary and music palate affordable.