Tamara Mellon, the direct-to-consumer women’s luxury footwear brand, launched its Leave Him On Red collection today featuring La La AnthonyAngie Harmon and Denise Vasi. The collection is a play on the term leave him on read, inspired by the Cardi B song, “I Do,” from Invasion of Privacy, a phrase for when you stop responding to someone’s messages. It features three actresses, La La Anthony, Angie Harmon and Denise Vasi. Each of the women shares personal leave him on read stories while wearing shoes from the Leave Him On Red collection. The edition includes three new red sandals, and each one comes with a red Smith & Cult nail polish appropriately named Leave Him On Red.

“If you read between the lines, or lack thereof, to leave someone on read is about much more than not texting back,” Mellon says. “It means knowing your worth enough to be able to recognize when someone else doesn’t, and having the strength to move forward without them. This campaign recognizes confident and fearless women who’ve demonstrated this in their personal lives and careers.”

Leave her, him, anyone on read means you’re just not f**king with them at that moment. You’re just not vibing with them or you just don’t feel they deserve your time or response.” — La La Anthony

“It’s about self-respect— knowing that no matter what, we are all special, unique, and precious. We are all worth something. We have value, and we deserve to be treated that way.” — Angie Harmon

“It means slimming down the guest list, so to speak. It means don’t do that, it’s not appropriate, I don’t stand for that. It means no. No thank you.” — Denise Vasi

In addition to sharing their personal leave him on read stories, the women explained how they’d define the term in their own words.

Visit TamaraMellon.com or IGTV to hear Vasi, Harmon, and Anthony’s leave him on read stories and shop the shoes from the Leave Him On Red collection: Ombre ($475), Prism ($795), and Hue ($425).

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