Lottie Life

Nursing moms face countless challenges, and a group of St. Louis women (and moms), led by company founder Lauren Pershing, decided finding nursing wear that is both stylish and functional for an active lifestyle shouldn’t be one of them.

That was the impetus behind the designs for a new line of nursing apparel that the group – which is passionate about motherhood, adventure and personal well-being – came up with when it created Lottie Life. The stylish, active nursing apparel removes barriers for breastfeeding moms to do the things they love.

Rather than simply adding a nursing closure to a regular top, the company’s styles are designed to flatter the postpartum figure, and encourage new moms to get out and lead an active lifestyle. Details include strategically placed pleats and style lines to flatter changing figures, a signature CleverLatch nursing closure, with a small profile that responds quickly to touch for easy nursing and adjustable sizing features.

“We started Lottie Life because we believe that new moms deserve better nursing apparel than what currently existed,” Pershing said. “As moms ourselves, we realize that breastfeeding is a major milestone and a huge life change.

“Through experience, we found that current apparel offerings do not meet the needs of today’s active mom, so we wanted to create a line of nursing apparel that empowers nursing moms to be active and social – two areas critical to their total well-being,” she added.

Pershing and her team work together in St. Louis to design every detail of Lottie Life’s garments. The line’s current available styles include two nursing tank designs, a long-sleeve pullover with an elongated zipper for easy nursing, and a nursing sports bra – all available in multiple colors. The company plans to add more styles later this year. The apparel is made of high-quality, breathable performance fabrics.

Lottie Life’s goal is to provide the best possible designs so that moms can succeed in their nursing and well-being goals, with “Lottie” representing the natural beauty in every woman and mother.

Visit lottielife.com.

Images provided by Lottie Life