What’s Happening at Leopard Boutique’s Newest Location

I’m having a great time running around St. Louis visiting all the boutique and specialty stores that makes the city a cool place to shop. Spending time in Leopard Boutique’s new Maplewood store was a great experience for a fashion lover like myself.

It’s bright, fun and has a wide selection to choose from, with a great range of clothing, and purses, shoes, jewelry, hats and much more for those who are hooked on accessories. The boutique was a wonderful place to discover the latest trends in person, rather than only seeing them online.

And boutiques are great for shopping for one-of-a-kind items.

Don’t be afraid to ask the wonderful employees for assistance, either. They are there to help. The staff was welcoming and accommodating to all who came into the store. Leopard gave me a taste for what fun trends are happening at the moment and what to expect in the coming months.

From eye-catching evening looks to easy day-to-day options, I found some really cute pieces. If you’re on the hunt for boutique-style clothing, it’s a one-stop shop, with a great atmosphere.

Leopard Boutique also has locations at the Streets of St. Charles and in Webster Groves. If you would like me to consider your store or boutique for a visit, too, send an email to tstoecklin@gazellestl.com.

Tricia Stoecklin

Hi everyone. I am Tricia Stoecklin, Fashion Writer and Vlogger for Gazelle magazine. I am a lover of fashion and beauty, and have been for many years. I have a bachelor's degree in Fashion Merchandising from Southeast Missouri State University. I hope to inspire you, as I create and share tips, tricks and style pics for everyone to enjoy.

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